Analysis of Beach Chairs

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The poem “Beach Chairs”, written by Joyce Ebrecht, is one of many poems that share a meaning of love. The situation of the poem is that of two couples sitting on beach chairs and watching the world pass by while thinking about their love for each other. The overall themes of this poem are that of love and unity. Joyce Ebrecht achieves these overall themes through the structure, diction, figures of speech, pace/rhythm, and sounds of the poem.
Structure is a crucial element in a poem and can serve to enhance the theme. “Beach Chairs” is organized into 6 stanzas, each stanza composed of 4 lines. Starting with the first stanza at setting sun to the last at sunrise, the majority of the poem occurs at night. Night and darkness represents the
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The term sunrise is a special word representing love because it is the beginning of a new day which is bright, warm, and comfortable much like one’s relationship.
The author integrates many figures of speech to express the theme of love and unity. Located in the third stanza on the last line, the alliteration of the L sound strengthens the idea of the two couple’s love since L sounds are long and they last, lingering in the reader’s mind. Another figure of speech used is the phrase changing tide which is a metaphor for representing the “highs” and “lows” of one’s relationship. Every stanza always starts with the phrase; sitting on the beach chairs, this repetition reinforces the idea of relaxation and enjoyment the two couples are having. They are still united after enduring obstacles life throws at them because of the repeated phrase holding hands.
The amount of stanzas and the lengths of each line can dictate the speed at which the reader is reading at. The reason why “Beach Chairs” is organized into six stanzas is because each stanza represents a phase in the two couple’s relationship; from the day they met to their marriage and continuing onward into their senior years. Every last line of each stanza explains and strengthens their love for one another and it is generally also the longest line. This results in the reader to spend most of their time dwelling on the message. In “Beach Chairs” something as specific as the sound of
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