Analysis of Bill Mckibben's 'Deep Economy'

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David has been working at our tissue engineering lab as a part of his senior project for over year, designing and creating a linear stretch bioreactor. The bioreactor is used to grow cardiac cells on hydrogels: I have witnessed David on many occasions working well past midnight to find the correct formula of hydrogels or dealing with other technical issues.
David has consistently proven himself to be a student who is devoted to learning for learning's sake and never shirks from a challenge. Over the course of the past year, David has gone above and beyond what was required of him to sharpen his already considerable lab skills and device design abilities. I believe he would thrive in a graduate department of engineering, based upon the skills he has shown both as an undergraduate major in biomedical engineering and in his work at our lab.
David's achievements are particularly impressive because he had never worked with a bioreactor until this effort. Additionally, his project was faced with a considerable logistical obstacle: there was no machine shop that could finish the device by the due date. David elected to use the machine shop available at his school to construct the device himself, with the assistance of the other two students who made up his project team, even though this would mean extra work.
In the beginning, I was worried about the…
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