Analysis of "Blood Wedding" Essay

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Federico Garcia Lorca's three plays, "Blood Wedding," "Yerma," and "The House of Bernarda Alba" share many symbolisms. Lorca (Short Biography) wrote about many subjects and objects that often have an unconscious double meaning. These unconscious symbols are known as archetypes, developed by the psychologist, Carl G. Jung. This paper will analyze these symbols using Jung's theory of the archetype. By doing so, the analysis will better explain some of the unconscious meaning and original thoughts behind Lorca's symbols. This is important because a detailed reading will allow the reader to clearly understand each symbol and why it is important to the society in the play, and to Lorca's society.

To begin, Jung explains that an archetype is
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Since archetypes are the formulation of the results of countless experiences of our ancestors, it is possible for the archetype to cross section all experiences. This basically means that one object can symbolize the same thing in different events or experiences.

Archetypal images are objects that allude to the instincts of man. The archetypes "are the manifestations of the instincts, that is to say, creative impulses from the unconscious," (Goldrunner 107). An archetype always expresses a comparison. If someone talks about a tree and identifies it as the basis of life, it is neither one of these things, but actually a third unknown thing that can find a happy medium expression within the first two.

The archetype will never let us forget the psychology of the past. It inspires our natural instincts, behavior, and thought. The importance of these instincts is immeasurable within literature that focuses on the injustices of society and its "civilized culture." The repression of these instincts has allowed modern society to dictate how individuals should live. This is why the importance of symbols in literature usually has an archetypal background. Society has suppressed our natural thought to the extent that it can only be expressed within the symbolism of literature.

In Lorca's "Blood Wedding," blood has many significant symbolisms structured throughout the play. Blood is repeatedly
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