Analysis of Branch Launch: Slim Fast in Egypt

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Introduction: In this assignment I will tackle the option of launching an existing brand in the company portfolio that will be launched in a new country and I chose Egypt where I live to be the country for the launch. I will demonstrate through many internal, external and market assessments and planning how it can be profitable to launch the brand: “Slim Fast” in Egypt while using 1-2 products at the start up of the plan then add more as the demand increases for it. I will start with the situation analysis that will tackle Egypt’s critical situation and its influence on the marketing plan for the brand also the strengths and weaknesses of the brand, which might increase or decrease its competitive advantage in the Egyptian market. All…show more content…
6. The rate of birth increased to reach 12.5% yearly, which means: Egypt grows by 1 Million every year in population. 7. Technological Forces: 1. Egypt’s use of Internet and social networks increased by 200% in the last 2 years and all the political analysts agree that the strongest force now for marketing, mobilizing and impacting people is through social media. Egypt has almost 11 million users of Facebook in March 2012 compared with 5 million users in January 2011, which makes a percentage of 13.8% of all population are on Facebook. Egypt is ranked the number 20 of all countries in the world that has Facebook users. ( 2. Egyptians between the age of 13 and 40 are likely to send and receive 20 SMS per day. 3. The number of mobile phone lines in Egypt grew in the last 10 years from 150.000 users to 62 Million users. 4. Egyptian youth are more likely to use the latest trends in fashion and give high importance on the shape of their bodies. Legal Forces: 1. Law is not respected in Egypt since the revolution but there are clear steps from the government to return the authority of Law in order. 2. All export and import laws are being revised to give more transparency to both importers and exporters. Ethical Forces: 1. Egypt social composition is as many other places in AFRICA has a huge Gap between the rich and poor causing many problems of negative outlook towards the rich people. 2.

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