Analysis of Building Brand Equity of Non Traditional Ways Red Bull

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SITUATION ANALYSIS---------------------------------------------------------------------1-12
• Brand History ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------1
• Company Evaluation-----------------------------------------------------------------------1-2
• Product Evaluation-------------------------------------------------------------------------2-4
• Consumer Evaluation----------------------------------------------------------------------4-6
• Competitive Evaluation--------------------------------------------------------------------6-8
• Marketing Environment Evaluation----------------------------------------------------8-10
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Initially, the company distributed free cases to college students across the country in an attempt to get their product in the hands of its consumers. This campaign became very successful and rapid proliferation of sales became the norm. The company continued to tailor their advertising to appeal to their target audience by sponsoring extreme sports, events, teams, and athletes. They sponsor athletes in the BMX, skiing, rally car, MLS Soccer, and many other sports industries (Red Bull). By sponsoring athletes such as Travis Pastrana and Shaun White, their “double bull” logo is never out of the spotlight, and constantly seen by the consumer.

Their slogans, “Red Bull Gives You Wings” and “No Red Bull, No Wings” have also proven to be a staple in their brand presentation for many years (Red Bull). While Red Bull is still dominating the industry, they may have some untapped resources in their marketing strategy and product presentation. While the brand is known throughout society they have the ability to reach a larger audience without losing the identity that the brand was built on. In the United States specifically, Red Bull could appeal to American athletes and consumers by sponsoring well-known athletes outside the extreme sports industry.
Red Bull offers its product in four different can sizes, 8 oz., 12

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