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Analysis of Business Specialties A careful analysis of all the skills within the team concluded that all are well suited to start a consulting company that specializes in providing technical solutions in the area of sales and marketing for growing companies. Our company, Daedalus Consulting, offers cutting edge technical solutions to all companies that are interested in increasing efficiency in sales and marketing. In edition, Daedalus Consulting will provide management with real time updates on all sales information and promotional information. Always stay on top of the newest developments in today’s technology can be very hard; yet, this is where Daedalus Consulting will help and bring the newest solutions to the customer.…show more content…
Each web site will be customized to the customer and will portrait an attractive, professional image to the target audience. When one considers that the average broadband user spends 48% of their leisure time online (Watershed Publishing, 2007), the rationale for investing additional funds on Internet advertising spending becomes obvious.
Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) systems have assisted many product oriented corporations. Real time access to these systems will be provided to sales, marketing and management personnel as needed. The ability to inform an automated manufacturing process of an order will not only expedite the order, but provide valuable information for the re-ordering of production materials.
Customer feedback is probably one of the best tools to judge the performance of an organization. To facilitate this process, customized online forms will be provided. Additionally, personal data assistants (PDA) will have access to these forms and will allow field sales and marketing representatives to enter data while at the client location. Management personnel, armed with another tool will be able to make more informed decisions.
There is nothing more frustrating for a sales representative than to wait for the daily morning phone call for the day’s appointments. Yet these events may change in a moment. Instant access to a scheduling and appointment system will allow an area supervisor to direct his or her sales force. Field sales

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