Analysis of Chapter 31 in Huckleberry Fin by Mark Twain Essay

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Huckleberry Finn Chapter 31 Analysis In the story of Huckleberry Finn Huck is facing a constant battle within himself between following the laws of the land and doing what he knows is morally correct. There appears to be an underlying question of whether or not a person is born with morals and good character or if this is a learned behavior raised in the story. The circumstances of Huck’s upbringing were not ones that were conducive to him being a person with a good moral compass, in actually he should have been just the opposite, but he decided to go against the grain and do what he felt was morally correct which was befriend a runaway slave and try to set him free. Now we can questions his motives for wanting to help Jim, i.e., did he…show more content…
He is realizing the deceitful plans of the two men and wants to be away from them. This shows Huck’s growth and development considering that in previous chapters he enjoyed games, trickery and deceit especially in the earlier part of the book when he was part of a gang. When the King goes to feel out one of the towns to see if the people of that particular town has heard of the fraud of a show that he and the Duke had been putting on Huck is planning his and Jim’s escape. Huck at this point knows that the King is actually going into the town to look for more people’s houses to rob. The Duke is visibly agitated for some reason and Huck senses it. When Huck and the Duke go into the town to look for the King he is obviously drunk. Huck runs as soon as he sees an opportunity to lose the King and the Duke. Huck thinks he and Jim are finally free only to find that Jim is gone. When Huck realizes Jim is gone and he cannot find him he actually cries. We see the emotional attachment and bond that Jim has formed with Jim. When Huck comes across a young boy who tells him of how a runaway slave was caught and he learns that he was caught because the Duke and the King tricked them. Following this encounter Huck is upset. The first reason he seems upset is because he was turned in by the hands of people he thought he was helping but the most ironic reason for his anger
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