Analysis of Charles Handy's Article

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For instance, the writer correctly notes that there is need, in as much as the USA has a capitalist economy, to have better and tougher regulations that would guide the businesses in the country so as to make the business environment lean and straight for operation by all the businesses. This will mean that, just like in Germany, people will have a level field for running their businesses as well as the chance to grow in their businesses in commensurate levels with the effort that they put in. The other fundamental issue that Charles raises is the treatment that the employees get from both the law and the proprietors/accounts. He says that employees in most instances are treated as property that belongs to the owner of the business and recorded as costs (salary/allowances) and not as assets. This effectively means that they are treated as things that are supposed to be minimized just like any other costs. This is a trend that needs to be changed and the employees need to be treated as cherished community together with the proprietors and the stakeholders. It should be a community that has members who are proud to be members of that particular community, allowed to express their views on issue related to them and the organization and generally have a free environment to…
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