Analysis of Christmas Morning by Frank O' Connor

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Analysis of “Christmas Morning” By Frank O’ Connor Christmas Morning will be present when the sun rose from the East at the very special day when our Saviour Jesus Christ was born, December 25. But in the story Frank Connor wrote, it differentiate the fantasy world of Larry with full of hopes and dreams to the reality which they should accept with whole heart. Adding more to it, the characters’ attitude towards each other developed its plot from the world of imagination to reality. Three characters actually contribute to the gap between two different things, and they are Larry, the main character, the mother, who was known for her strictness in the story and his father, who was introduced as a common and drunkard father who usually went…show more content…
Larry actually thought that Santa gave the gifts to them. And in this mind set, there was a hint that Larry actually believed in fantasies like Santa rather than the reality his mother thought. And that reality his mother was thinking is that Larry would end up like his drunkard father. That was enough to have the gap of reality to fantasy be obvious. Fathers play an important role in a child's development from birth through adulthood. In fact, numerous studies have reached the same conclusion: Children with involved fathers have an advantage -- socially and academically -- over children with distant or no relationships with their dads. Children with fathers who take the time to ask about what they learned in school and their day-to-day social activities and relationships do better in school than kids who don't have that kind of input or interest. And it's important to note that this father figure doesn't have to be a biological father in order for children to benefit. It can be an adoptive father, stepdad, or an adult male in the household. But in the case of the story, all the matters above were the other way around, it was the opposite of all. Father here was described as a drunkard and usually went to home very late at night. O’Connor moves the story to Christmas Eve and brings in the father. He arrives home from work, having already had drink taken, and leaves Mrs Delaney short in the housekeeping. She pleads with him to give her more money, for the sake of the

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