Analysis of Citibank's Web Presence

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Analysis of Citibank's Web Presence Website Product Information The bank sells its full slate of products on its website. At the top of the home page is a list of pull down menus (banking, credit cards, lending, etc.) which display all of the product offerings. Banking includes all of the traditional account types that a person can open or, in some way, access. The banking tab displays a menu that includes types of accounts and services that are available to Citibank's customers. Accounts include checking and different savings options which can then be pulled down to reveal even more options. The checking tab has four different types that are geared toward four different categories of customer, and some specialty accounts. These are named basic checking, the Citibank account, Citigold interest checking the Citibank student account, and there have even been accounts started specifically with women in mind (Yadav, 2004). All of the other banking options offer similar pull down menus which give the customer a variety of options and details what the various options entail. Under the credit cards tab the company helps the customer choose what type of card they want by asking them to answer some questions first. The borrower is asked what type of card they are looking for, what financial options they want and what rewards the individual desires. All of this is to help choose the appropriate card for the particular customer. The tabs across the top of the page continue with

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