Analysis of Coca Cola Management Strategy

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Analysis of Strategic Management in Coca Cola
In this project I will do a detail study of Coca Cola Company. I will study about the market value of Coca Cola and how sustainable the Coca Cola Company is for the people. I will highlight the issues which are faced by Coca Cola and describe the business cycle of the company. I will mention all the strength and capabilities of Coca Cola in coming years. history with business cycles and internal strengths of the Coca Cola Company
May 8th 1886 Coca Cola was created by John S. and served at Jacobs’ Pharmacy (Coca Cola Company, 2008). At start the company had a rough start and it was named “Coca Cola” by company’s accountant Frank. In 1887 the promotion method was coupons, and John S. registered
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Levels of strategies of Coca Cola
Coca sticks to different strategies related to different things. For instance in 2009 the Coca Cola marketing and media spend strategies positively obstructed the operating margin in the widely held of Coca Cola operating segments, the shift was noted as inferences from revenues instead of marketing expenses. In respect to foreign exchange Coca Cola screens operations in each nation and pursue to adopt suitable strategies that are receptive to fluctuating economic and political environments. In relation to investment strategy Coca Cola has four principles:
Improve the long-term return on strategy assets at an satisfactory level of risk uphold a broad divergence preserve careful control of the risk level of each asset class have long term objective returns
Building Competitive Advantage Though Business-Level Strategy
In a business model which is successful we need to have business level strategy which give a company competitive advantage over its rivals (Hill & Jones, 2007). They must decide 1) customer needs and how they are satisfied 2) customer groups and how they need to be satisfied

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