Analysis of Comic Content and Visual Image Usage

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The reason that I selected this particular page is there are six different comic strips on this page. One of the comic strips, Garfield, features animals in this installment, though people do figure into the story fairly often. I did not analyze Garfield other than to note that the cat outsmarted the dog but, then, it is his comic strip. The other comic strips are as follows: Frazz, Sally forth, Luann, Crankshaft, and The Family Circus. The Family Circus is about just what the title implies. This particular installment is about how parents tend to be unaware of how they continue using parent-like language and behaviors when they are in the presence of other adults. Each of three cells illustrates one of the common ways parents give away that they don't spend much time away from their children. There is a fairly equal representation of men to women in this comic, but the "father" character says more words than the "mother" character. Cells = 3 Male = 9 words Female = 5 words
Sally Forth depicts two children a girl and a boy playing together in the snow. They are shown building a snowman. The entire snowman building process is shown, with the exception of creating a face by pressing objects into the head. The children do not speak until the last two cells and the second-to-last cell contains only one word. The point of the comic strip is that the children are not really "into" making the…
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