Analysis of "Consolation in Hades Bosom" Poem

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To begin with, this essay must summarize the poem's story written by the poet. At the very beginning, the first stanza presents someone who has disappeared from this world. The second stanza tells us about a woman who has lost something or someone really important, and how this affects her emotional state. Later on, the poem goes deeper in the woman's feelings of desolation. In stanza five, the poem explains the journey taken by the woman, in order to find the body of her loss, ending up with the encounter to a witch. The next stanza clarifies that she has found Hades world and not a witch, it describes the meeting and introduces the next stanza. Then, it is exposed what Hades told her, stating that her son (only at this stanza, this is clearly stated) is death somewhere they both know. Finally, the last stanza presents the resolution of the story, when the woman finds the dead body of her son and also what she has been aiming for during the journey: relief.

Afterwards, this essay must analyze the poem in terms of form. 8 stanzas, all quatrains, except stanza two and eight, which are quintets, compose it. Probably this distinction on extent is parallel to the relevance of those stanzas within the composition. As we can notice in stanza number 2, the old woman realizes her recent loss and it is the first emotion shown in the poem. On the other hand, the last stanza is more clearly shown why it uses 5 lines instead of 4, and it also has relation with the significance in the

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