Analysis of Conspiracy

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Source Analysis: Conspiracy Conspiracy is a 2001 film directed by Frank Pierson and written by Loring Mandel, the film dramatizes the events of the Wannsee Conference of 1942, and the meeting was led by Heydrick. During the Wannsee Conference the senior officials of the Nazi regime had meeting to discuss how to remove the Jewish population from the German sphere of influence (Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Czechoslovakia and France). The director interestingly brings an aspect of Nazi psychology; Pierson highlights the casual attitudes that the senior officials had during the conference towards the ‘Jewish problem’. Within two hours the senior officials seem to casually discuss the most practical way of eliminating the Jewish race and…show more content…
However Eichmann did confirm in his 1962 trail that after the meeting had ended the men became less restrained and freely discussed killing methods however this was deleted the official summary and replaced with one sentence. The film overplays the role of the Wannsee conference; Gerlach argues that the meeting occurred not to discuss the fate of Jews in Europe but for Heydrick to seek support from other senior officials. The conference was originally schedule for the 9th of December but happened on the 20th of January giving Heydrick time to prepare the new task based Hitler’s ‘basic decision’. Unlike other Historical source the film industry seem to have shallow research which it tends to exaggerate, this is one of the issues with this film. For this film to be an adequate historical source it should have not put so much emphasis on the conference and also focused to the prior events. Also the film does not address Hitler’s role in the final solution, most historical sources on this topic have done so, and Hitler’s role is one most controversial aspects of this topic. The relevance of the conference is widely debated amongst scholars, with conventional Historian arguing that the murdering of Jews had begun at the latest in December 1941 long before the conference. When focusing on the origins of the final solution the film gives an inaccurate perspective because although it mentions that the extermination camps were being built it fails to mention a mobile
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