Analysis of Consumer Behaviour Online

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This report will outline the most relevant behavioural characteristics of online consumers and examine the ways they find, compare and evaluate product information. Comparison of the newly collected survey data with the existing consumer behaviour theory resulted in detection of a number of issues related to a specific consumer group. The purpose of this report is to translate these findings into a set of implementation activities on strategic and technological level. Execution of these recommendations will result in better conversion of visitors into customers and encourage customer loyalty and referrals. The focus group of this study will be young adults aged between eighteen and thirty-four interested in buying a mobile phone or a…show more content…
brand new latest nokia cellphone price list philippines 2. phone brand logos 3. pantech and curitel logo 4. imap cell phones 5. iphone 8gb prize for cingular plan 6. nokia n73 godfather 7. sony ericsson w880i 8. nokia 5200 browser for mac 9. imap w880i Practical Test: Stage two – Finding the product As the research narrows down, consumers tend to localise the results (Example: “Australian Results Only”). Search phrases in this stage are likely to contain a brand name or a specific feature. Survey results show that consumers are willing to ‘drill ' down to the third page of the results. Majority however would only look at the first page of the results (seventy-three percent) while many will only look at the top half of the page (Figure 3). Figure 3: Consumer search engine drill-down: How far are they willing to go? A common assumption is that young adults tend to be more technologically minded than the rest of the population. An interesting fact is that around a third of the interviewed individuals knew very little or nothing about certain aspects of their research due to the nature of the product and rapid changes in technology. For example, ninety per cent of participants could not explain the purpose of WiFi, which is becoming a standard feature in all new mobile phone releases. For this reason, we must consider extensive problem-solving behaviour
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