Analysis of Consumers' Perceptions About Engro's Omung Lassi

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| Consumer perceptions about Engro’s “Omung Lassi” | A RESEARCH REPORT | CONDUCTED FOR COURSE: Methods in Business Research SECTION: C FACULTY: Ms. Saadiyeh Said RESEARCH CONDUCTED BY: Muhammad Taha Kalam 11388 Shahroz Ali 13112 Qazi Muhammad Zulqarnain-ul-Haq 12115 Syed Aabir Haider 10572 Muhammad Haris Ali 11241 | Letter of Transmittal To ;Ms. Saadiyeh Said Course Instructor ; Methods in Business Research Section C Institute of Business Management (IoBM) This document is a report that contains a research about Engro Foods’ venture Omung Lassi about which perceptions of consumers were found out in order to ascertain that what Engro Foods can do in order to make this product Omung Lassi a success after its initial launch did…show more content…
The research undertaken by us is aimed at identifying consumers’ attitude towards the presentation of a traditional product as a convenient product. That is whether they really want the product in tetra pack or not. The research will also highlight the reasons behind consumers’ consumption of Lassi and what made them consume or not consume Omung Lassi. This product does not have any competitors other than the traditional home made lassi and the ones sold at milk shops. The research will unveil the consumers liking for the source of obtaining this product from. And also the extent to which they prefer convenience while considering consumption. Methodology The descriptive research was undertaken to test our objective of identifying the consumer perception about the product. A sample of 100 people was chosen; the age of the unit of analyses ranged from 17 to 25 years. People included in the sample were Lassi consumers. A self administered questionnaire was distributed among the sample and the data was eventually gathered. However due to some errors on the part of respondents almost 19% of the questionnaires had to be discarded and this reduced our sample from 100 to 81 units. SPSS was used to analyze the data. Initially the entire questionnaire was analyzed as a whole, however later for more in-depth analyses the collected data was split into individuals who had “tried Omung Lassi” and

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