Analysis of Cultural Differences

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Anna AvdeykoCommunication Among CulturesVeronika ZavrelovaJan 7, 2008PRESTCOM AnalysisCultural Analysis of the Czech RepublicIn today's economic environment, international business has its own advantages and disadvantages. When expanding business oversees, companies have to be aware of social, cultural, legal, economic, political and technological factors. Before launching a product into a foreign market, the company has to observe and acknowledge specific differences in that particular market and its main target audiences. Upon completion of cultural analysis the company should design its market strategies in a way that suits foreign market's needs and wants. This paper will discuss the economic environment and cultural climate for the…show more content…
Russian, on the contrary is highly collectivist society. It means that in business environment, Russian emphasize relationship between people more than business itself (Victorova, Olga). They tend to rely on meetings and extensive discussions before making decisions, "Peaceful atmosphere at work and a tendency to collective results are encouraged inside the company" (Victorova, Olga). In order to work well in the Czech Republic, Russian businessmen should be aware of Czech tendency to participate in managerial decisions, individual communication and readiness to take individual responsibility for tasks.

The last Hofstede's cultural dimension is masculinity versus femininity "expresses to which extend the distribution of roles between genders is predominant. Masculine cultures are achievement oriented and are focused on material success. Feminine cultures emphasize the quality of life, networking and social relationship" (Heuhemer, Silvia et al). The Czech culture is a feminine culture. Czechs tend to put more value on the quality of life and family than materialism. Surprisingly, Russian culture, as well as Czech culture has low masculinity, which suggests general equality between men and women in the workplace environment. In the Czech Republic people tend to put strong emphasis on the quality of life and public holidays. Most of the companies in
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