Analysis of Customer Service Problem of Best Buy

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Overview of the task
The task of this essay is to have a research in person to pay a visit on Best Buy to discover its potential marketing problem, anticipate the consequences and provides potential solution to this problem, which from my perspective, is bad customer service.
Purpose and structure of the essay
The purpose of this essay is to explore the potential marketing problem of Best Buy to provide solutions to its problem. In order to make the essay more complete, this essay will first start with the brief introduction of the Best Buy, and then a personal experience of visiting the Best Buy shop will be displayed to have an analysis of the potential problem- bad customer service. What to follow is the anticipation
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However, what I want is just some blu-ray dics. Bothering by the upsetting and annoying salesperson, I just grabbed one of the blu-ray discs. But after going home, I found that I have already got this disc and returned to ask for changing the disc. The troublesome procedure and bad attitude of staff really made me furious. Apart from the up-selling and cross-selling, what I cannot put up with is the erosion of my privacy, questions like how much is your salary is really impolite. The hawking clumsy salesperson is the tip of the problem iceberg and just scratch the surface of the problem, what should be laid emphasis is the customer service and after-sales service quality.
Potential consequence of the problem
The company has reported a 1.7% decline in it total sales and profit margins last year. Consumers come down to the store will have high interaction with the salespersons and in-store staff (Forbes, 2012). The attitude and service quality is the cornerstone of the success. Non-savvy consumers need the help to learn more product and handling before purchase. If Best Buy cannot differentiate itself and make full use of the advantages of its retail stores, Best Buy is destined to follow the way of dinosaur. Below chart illustrates that the consequence will be like in a few years if Best Buy is unable to change customers ‘perception and values towards it. Best Buy cannot forget the lesson of Circuit City which closed its

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