Analysis of Cyrano de Bergerac, A Play by Edmond Rostand

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It is through discussions and insults concerning his physical attributes that the audience discovers he is in fact in love with the woman he has held close to his heart for many friendly years, his cousin Roxane. Completely unbeknownst to Roxane, Cyrano’s love and admiration for her is not simply on a relative scale as she perceives it to be, but rather the much more drastic level of physical, emotional, and intellectual attraction. As the play is centered on the life of Cyrano, the audience comes to understand the sincerity of the love he feels and devotion he has for his relative and ultimately concludes that he is in fact worthy of the affection from the woman he truly adores. However, is Roxane truly worthy of such a man’s adulation, when in fact her unattainability ever steadily nibbles at Cyrano’s heart making him ultimately feel undeserving of her? From Act One, the audience is able to clearly understand that Cyrano is a very well spoken individual whom fights for what he desires. In cases this is true except when dealing with his cousin. In any other case, a general response from him is: CYRANO. What-still there? (Turns back his cuffs deliberately.) Very good-then I enter-Left-with knife- To carve this large Italian sausage. (Act One)
His responses are, of course, being very…
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