Analysis of Defy The Darkness by Joe Rosenblum

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Defy the Darkness is a story about a Holocaust survivor named Joe Rosenblum. He and his family of six lived in Miedzyrzec, Poland. His family consisted of his father (Samuel), mother (Mindl), sisters (Sara, Fay, and Rachel), and his two brothers (Hymie and Benny). His mother had a successful business of ripe, fresh fruit. Over the next couple of years, the Nazi Germans invade the city. All businesses were forced to be shut down, due to the orders of the Nazis. Eventually, the Germans created strict laws, curfews, and harsh labors for the city. Joe’s father was required to do harsh labors. Even while working, the Germans beat the Jews. Everyday after labor work, when Joe’s father got home, you can tell he was slowing dying. He was always bruised and tired. Due to his exhaustion and beatings, he appearance was aging him. Joe then decided to take place of his father’s work. As Rosenblum works, he eventually found a family that owned a farm. This family were the Zbanskis. They let Joe work for their farm, cleaning the animals and feeding them. Every so often, Joe snuck out to his family, giving them bits of bread and cheese. Then one day, Rosenblum’s family were captured by the Germans. He discovers that only his father had escaped and survived the boxcar trains. Eventually, he learns that his father died. Joe decided to quit working for the Zbanskis because he got scared that he may get the family in trouble. Rosenblum was eventually captured by the Germans, and put into the

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