Analysis of Different Workplace Trainings

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Workplace Trainings Analysis 1. Sexual harassment within the workplace training a) The training on sexual harassment within the workplace is intended to increase awareness on the issue, and to provide instructions on how to prevent such events from taking place. The importance of anti sexual harassment methods is of great importance to companies with large numbers of employees where such issues tend to be more frequent. This training is also intended to help harassed employees know what to do when confronted with such issues. b) There are certain organizations that require such programs more than others. Their need of such a program can be established based on the identification of complaints from employees regarding out of place behavior from members of the opposite sex at work. In addition to this, such a program can be addressed to workplaces where there have been observed certain behaviors from superiors that disfavored certain employees because of their refusal to accept superiors' invitations. c) The sexual harassment in the workplace training program can be easily implemented in terms of costs. Basically, the program consists in hiring specialized trainers that can speak to the selected audience about what it means to be sexually harassed within the workplace, and about what they can do when confronted with such cases. The training sessions can be held at the company's headquarters, which means that the costs can be reduced. 2. Introduction to Yoga and its
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