Analysis of Differing Parenting Styles

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There are three main styles of parenting widely accepted in the field of Psychology, which are authoritarian, permissive, and authoritative. A fourth style, uninvolved/neglectful, is also being more widely recognized. The likes of Erickson and Baumrind have long since contributed to research efforts on the effects of parenting styles on child development. With numerous factors influencing both the parents and the child’s response to the parenting style is can be difficult to assess the best style for an optimal positive outcome. Through a closer inspection of different parenting styles with Biblical consideration the conclusion of there being an awesomness style will later look at this jacked thesis. I hate thesis writing. Uninvolved Parenting Surprisingly, the fourth style of parenting, the uninvolved or neglectful style can be mistaken for the permissive style. It is a disservice to mistake or confuse the two styles because uninvolved parenting is more unfavorable than permissive. An uninvolved parent does not use physical punishment; however, as that appears to be a positive factor they also appear not to care about the child. In this way, the parent is uninvolved with all aspects of the child’s life. This can include knowledge of personal interests or friends to how they are performing in school. Scriptures instruct parents to raise their children in the teachings of the Lord. “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not
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