Analysis of Differnt Forms of Liberty

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The concept of liberty is important to this very day. Liberty initially means to be fundamentally free within ones society from any types of oppression, either from higher authority or from having different form ideologies that can be political or social. Liberty is a form of power that lets one act on their sets and values. In this paper, concept of liberty will be discussed on behalf of two philosophers, John Locke and Jean- Jacques Rousseau. Although liberty provides one to act as they please, there can be different forms of liberty, which are developed naturally by the state of nature and socially through development of human reasoning; state of nature is based on absolute freedom, while socially liberty is restricted. Firstly, John…show more content…
One may destroy an individual if he takes away ones liberty where he makes him into a slave. This compels the individual to hurt or kill that person because that individual is taking the individual preservation, where they do not want to be controlled by any one and have their own way of life. For one not to kill another individual that individual also has to demonstrate that he is not enforcing power over him. For example, Locke claims, “But when the actual force is over, the state of war ceases between those that are in the society, and are equally subjected to fair determination of the law.”(Locke, 1690, p. 15). For this reason, in a civil society if the force to kill by both parties is over and one has conducted a crime, they can be prosecuted for the crime they have done, and prevent future occurrence of this type of event to happen again. Thus, state of war generally means state of conflict, where if one is threaten by any way they have the right to protect themselves by any means necessary even killing. If the conflict has stopped between either conflicting individuals or groups they have the right to have a trail to prosecute that individual or group that was threatening their liberty and preventing this type of conflict to take place again. There are two different forms of liberty one is the natural liberty that is provided by nature to be free from any type of power or authority. The second liberty is in a civil

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