Analysis of Disgrace by J. M. Coetzee

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David Lurie is a professor of Communications at Cape Technical University in Cape Town, South Africa. He is an unhappy, twice-divorced, middle aged man, living alone. He finds zero pleasure in his career. He previously taught a position in modern languages, however, the department was eliminated. Consequently, David now teaches students a subject he shows no interest in. The only thing in David’s life that he finds interest in is the pursuit of a prostitute at a brothel that he attends regularly. However, one day he sees the prostitute, Soraya, in the city with her two sons and he shortly learns that she has left the brothel. He is left alone again and becomes intrigued with a younger female student, Melanie Isaacs. David is a man who has had his share of women and most of these women are strangers or one-time affairs that end as quickly as they begin. The pursuit of Melanie is a challenge for him, he is so isolated with his life that he does it anyways no matter how wrong and twisted it is. He forces himself upon her similar to the way his new position at work was forced upon him. Because he is unable to find excitement in his work, he finds excitement in Melanie through her protests and complete lack of interest in him. With the pressure and urgency of her family and boyfriend, she files an official complaint against David with the University. David is given the chance to save his job by apologizing and taking blame for his actions, but finds no remorse in the

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