Analysis of Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell

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‘Down and out in Paris and London’ written by George Orwell is about the experience of a man working in a hotel. The first paragraph opens up with the personal pronoun, ‘our’ implying that the narrator is a worker there. ‘Twenty feet by seven by eight high’ and ‘one could hardly move without banging against something’ show that this ‘murky cellar’ is small. Due to this description the reader assumes that maybe the owners of this cafeteria are poor and could not afford a larger place. The word ‘cafeterie’ is of French origin – thus Orwell sets a contrast; the country of France is known for good quality products and high-end dining areas, however in the first paragraph the author introduces the elocutionist to an impoverished place. The…show more content…
The raconteur’s job is never revealed, however the reader assumes that it is low class, due to the following sentence, ‘Besides this, we had to supply the staff with bread and coffee, and fetch the meals for the waiters upstairs.’ which shows that in his work environment, he is lower than the staff and the waiters, since he needs to serve and satisfy their demands. The depiction in this paragraph heightens the hectic atmosphere all over the hotel. The third paragraph is mainly about the stress during working hours. The narrator gives the reader an opinion, ‘the strain of work was more mental than physical’ and the he gives proof so to solidify his opinion and to make it easier for the elocutionist to see how this man feels. His eye for detail strikes again in the opening of this paragraph; since the narrator calculates how much distance he covers during a whole day. This division makes it evident that the narrator is not happy with his position at the hotel, ergo the reader might assume that he is poor and is working for there because he needs the money, ’Nothing could be easier, on the face of it, than this stupid scullion work…’ ‘It need more brains than one might think’ suggests that he himself did not know that this type of work is that stressful. The pronoun ‘You’ proposes that Orwell wants to build a conversation with the reader or

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