Analysis of Dynacorp Case Essay

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Analysis of the Dynacorp Case The political lens looks at an organization from the perspective of "how power and influence are distributed and wielded, how multiple stakeholders express their different preferences and get involved in or excluded from decisions, and how conflicts can be resolved" (Ancona, Kochan, Scully, Van Maanen and Westney – M2-10) . It is an arena for competition and conflict among individuals, groups and other organizations whose interests and goals differ dramatically. The roots of conflict lie in different and competing interests and disagreements require political action, including negotiation, coalition building and the exercise of power and influence. The steps in using the political lens for an effective…show more content…
Middle managers, especially the branch managers, like Martha Pauly and product managers in Business Units pay more attention to the changed performance measurement system than focusing on the customer teams and making sure they are being more responsive to customer needs. Martha Pauly seems very confused and inattentive to what's happening in her branch and sales team. While talking about the change in organization, says that, "It involves the knowledge of the industry and the company, the full line of products, our various software, applications and concepts of system integration. Exactly who handles all the pieces of sale like this is still unclear" (Dynacorp revisited, 1999: M2- 88-89) The team members are still operating under the old attitude, that the equipment, sells itself and that the customer will do all the integration of the products into their operations. The notion of helping the customers from initial call through implementation and use of the system is still quite unknown to many of them. Customers are more particular about the service/product, and looking for complete system solutions, more customized software, and more value-added services. In the course of this change, senior managers wish the whole organization can fit with the changed situation and the operation of the new reorganized structure can be more smooth and efficient. But also through this change, the middle managers, especially branch managers and
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