Analysis of EPIC Personal Health Records System

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Part 1 - Epic Systems' My Chart is a PHR that integrates into an EMR system. Epic also has a product that is freestanding called Lucy that has no advertisements and will never sell patient data for any use. The power of Epic's offerings is that a patient can view their test results, fill out pre-visit questionnaires, upload photos and Rx information, refill prescriptions, message providers securely, manage child charts or geriatric issues, view education topics, and receive reminders or other info from the doctor. This seems the best of both worlds being able to keep information personally and privately, but also to integrate visit information, tests, and medications (Mobile Applications and Portals, 2013). Part 2 - A Personal Health Record, or PHR, is a health record in which the data and information are maintained not by the clinic or provider, but by the patient. PHRs are different than EMR because they are not only a personal record kept by the patient, but health data collected on the patient remotely through a SmartPhone or other device. PHRs are available online, usually secure and encrypted. The advent of the Internet, more power for personal computing, and more sophisticated devices have also increased the popularity of this kind of data vault. A good way to understand this concept is that a PHR is a folder held within a Portal (strongbox) that has important information that needs to be accessible at certain times. This allows the patient to take more
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