Analysis of Ebay's Strategic Capability

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Analyze EBay's Strategic Capability Introduction One of the keys for being successful in business is the ability to adapt to changes that are occurring in the marketplace. In the case of EBay, the company did transform itself from shifts in the economy and consumer demand. This helped the firm to remain at the forefront for innovation on the Internet. To fully understand how this is taking place requires examining the strategic capability of the firm, what facilities gave them a competitive advantage and how these areas can be managed. Together, these different elements will provide the greatest insights as to how EBay was able to transform itself. Analyze EBay's strategic capability using one of the discussed frameworks? One of the biggest strategic capabilities for EBay is the management. The reason why is because their ideas and leadership skills have helped the company adapt to changes that are occurring inside the technology sector. During the last fifteen years, this has allowed EBay to adapt from being an online auction site to becoming a major secured transactions provider. This ability to transform itself is what has helped the firm to maintain its competitive edge. A good example of this can be seen with EBay's purchase of Pay Pal in 2002. Originally, the company picked up Pay Pal for $1.5 billion and integrated the firm in with their own online bill payment operations. Since this time, Pay Pal has become one of the main drivers of EBay's revenues with this

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