Analysis of Edward Hopper's Painting 'Nighthawks'

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"Nighthawks" as a social tool In spite of its apparent simplicity, Edward Hopper's painting "Nighthawks" puts across a series of complex concepts that people are likely to observe consequent to being properly educated regarding the work. Many individuals are probable to identify with the piece because of the loneliness present in it. It is not necessarily that the painting induces feelings related to loneliness because it presents an unwelcoming New York city street, as it also puts across this feeling because of the characters that it contains. Ranging from the feelings experienced by characters in the painting to the general impression that the painting puts across in regard to conditions in New York's Greenwich Avenue, Hopper managed to introduce a great deal of intriguing elements into the painting. The work of art basically promotes a concept that is relatively taboo in the contemporary society. The idea of staying up late is often associated with antisocial behavior and with people who are generally reluctant to act in agreement with norms. It generally seems that the diner does not fit in the environment around it, as it encompasses new concepts that are not present in buildings and businesses around it. Its fluorescent lighting actually makes its visitors feel that they are alienated and one can even consider that they are dehumanized by its influence. In spite of the fact that "Nighthawks" does not put across a scene that presents positive concepts, it

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