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In usual fairytale movies, filmmakers intend to make films that give happy endings with simple miraculous entertainments. However, in the fable movie, Edward Scissorhand, the director, Tim Burton, positions the viewers to understand the significant meaning of particular issues. “E.S” is can be seen as a story of stereotypical suburbia with social criticism. In this essay, starting from analysing this film and providing dominant discourse, the use of characters will be discussed followed by debate of technical and symbolic codes which help to put up the discourse. In particular, this essay will consider the technical code of camera angle and symbolic codes of colour which emphasize the dominant discourse. The dominant discourse of Edward…show more content…
In contrast, by appearance of a horny sexual character, Joyce, viewers are positioned to see the danger of a woman as she rallies support which turns into a mob after she fails to proceed what she wants – sexual intercourse. However, the actions of main character, Edward, and the clothes worn him and more importantly, an awkward looks of him with scissors for hands positions the viewers to see him as a person who can't and never will fit in ordinary suburbia. Burton’s use of these characters is to convince viewer that whether conformity is good or bad, distinct individual is always to be left behind. The symbolic code of colour and technical code of camera angles are not only used to support the dominant discourse, but also to make a clear aspect of Edward’s difference to the society. Burton uses a technical code in which the camera is shotted from the castle windows showing all of houses look same and insignificant. Use of colour such as the repetition of all the houses' yards as greenish colour and houses being in one colour encourage viewer with the conformity of the town. Furthermore, the bright colour of suburbia and dark and doomed image of Gothic castle present how awkward the individual can be seen in such town. In conclusion, Edward Siccorhand is a touching film as Burton’s representation of the character and use of techniques in ‘E, S’ accomplish his goal of presenting power of

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