Analysis of Empress Myeongseong As a Hero

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Throughout man's existence on the earth, times of struggle and tribulation have often resulted in individuals or groups facing periods of trial, violence, or duress. In these situations, a select few individuals have risen to leadership to assist in times of hardship, establishing their place as a "hero" within the pages of human history. However, in viewing these heroes and in taking a deeper look into their own subjective histories, one can immediately see that these individuals come from different backgrounds, social standing, periods in time, geographic location only to name a few. What then, unifies these individuals under the umbrella term of hero? Professor James Castagnera notes that the world's idea of a hero is, "any person admired for courage nobility, or exploits, especially in war, or any person admired for qualities or achievements and regarded as an ideal or model" (Castagnera 1). In this sense, it can be understood that to be a true hero, one must rise to a place of high regard amongst the individuals one interacts with. Regardless of cultural differences amongst the world's heroes, this unifying factor is what continuously links these individuals, and has done so for ages. Such reverence for a hero can be seen in viewing the story of Empress Myeongseong of Korea, whose works and contributions to the Koren people have placed her amongst…
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