Analysis of Erikson's Theories on Development

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Key Elements of Erikson's Theory"Erik Erikson believed that we develop in psychosocial stages versus psychosexual stages that Freud developed" (Santrock, 2008, p.23). "The word 'psychosocial' was Erikson's term that he derived from the words psychological meaning mind and social meaning relationship" (Chapman, 2007). Erikson was concerned with how personality and behavior is influenced after birth. Erikson stood strong on his belief concerning nurture and experience. The key element within Erikson's theory was ego identity. According to Erikson, "the ego identity was our conscious sense of self development through all processes of social interaction" (Ratti, 2008). Within Erikson's key elements were eight stages that unfold and develop as…show more content…
In other countries, like the U.S., that stage may occur at a later age - maybe closer to 17 years. Nonetheless, children across the world go through these stages (Boeree, 2008). Researchers can not say the same about Freud's five stages because they were culturally biased toward young males. This basis can not be used for evaluating the general public. This brings us to another pro of Erikson's eight stages. His stages of development can be measured more accurately than other (such as Freud's) psychoanalytic theories. Erikson's stages give researchers a framework of sequences in which to establish a pattern. For instance, you know a child has to do abc before getting to xyz. That can be validated and defined if you know an infant has to crawl before he can walk and run. One of the most common examples of social context is the infancy stage (birth to 18 months) regarding trust versus mistrust (Wikia Inc., 2008). Part of Erickson's theory describes this concept being present throughout an individual's life. If this trust stage is not fully addressed, taught, and handled properly the individual will be affected negatively. This negative affect could prevent learning and maturing into a fully developed person that never fully assimilates in society (Wikia Inc.). Another benefit of Erickson's theory is included in the toddler stage (18 months-3 years) regarding autonomy versus shame and doubt. The idea that a
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