Analysis of Ethical Dilemma

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Analysis of Ethical Dilemma Grand Canyon University NRS-437V Ethical Decision Making in Health Care Analysis of Ethical Dilemma Natural calamities are unpredictable phenomena’s where the damage may be countless and immeasurable examples of natural calamities are earthquakes, floods and famine. In situations like this relief operations are challenging even though many organizations and nations extend their resources to overcome the disaster. We often face issues and concerns in a massive disaster which may lead to ethical-dilemma and criticism. When we analyze disaster situation ethical concerns arises. Here I would like to present the ethical dilemma involved in the rescue operations in Haiti disaster and analysis of the…show more content…
The ethical principles of beneficence and justice applied in this scenario. According to the principle of beneficence the health care workers were trying their best to provide care to as many as people possible. The ethical principle of distributive justice emphasis on fair and equitable distribution of goods and services (Burkhardt & Nathaniel, 2008), but in certain situations it is impossible for all people to have everything that they might need. In such cases they can formulate and enforce policies for fair and equitable distribution of the available resources. Possible alternatives for resolving the problem I. Ask for more medical supplies from organizations like, World Health Organization, Red Cross et. II. Make arrangements to send patients who need more complex care to the nearest available medical centers or hospitals. III. Call for more volunteers to help there by reducing the cost and request for funds from charitable organizations. IV. Since geographically U. S. is the closest country, request for airlifting the patient to the nearby states hospitals for advanced care. V. Even though insurance can be a hindrance to accept the patients, U. S. Government can offer tax exemptions and grants for the accepting hospitals. VI. Airlift the patients to the accepting countries for advanced care. Examine and categorize the alternatives When we categorize the

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