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This may sound trite, but the concert as I saw it is best described by the name of the band, the Fabulous Superlatives!!! On every level this was a concert I will remember for a long time. The ArtsQuest venue was new to me and I was impressed with the ease of finding it, the free amble parking, the friendly staff and the great sound and seating. It is a modern impressive structure built around the old Bethlehem Steel Works. The ruins of the old plant are used as a visual backdrop to the new and impressive entertainment complex. There are a couple of restaurants, and a movie theater housed next to the concert venue. The food was very good, the serviced just great and I'd would and plan to go back. Marty Stuart and the Fabulous Superlatives took the stage with a thunderous explosion of applause form the sold out audience. It was evident that many folks where their to see Marty as the primary reason for coming that evening. His band is truly both fabulous and superlative. The line up is: Harry Stenson on drums and background vocals; Kenny Vughan on lead and acoustic guitar; Paul Martin bass and background vocals and Clarence the guitar accompanying Marty Stuart. Clarence is the guitar played by the fabled Clarence White. Clarence and Roger's Rickenbacker 370/12 guitars were stars in their own right getting numerous pictures taken of them before, during and after the show. Marty , who is a guitar collector, also owns Hank a guitar one owned by Hank Williams Sr.

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