Analysis of Fahrenheit 451 and Hunger Games Essay

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Dystopian Literature seems to run along the same guidelines in terms of how the novels are set, and follow a similar chain of events leading to a great bittersweet climactic event. I will detail the similarities between the two novels Fahrenheit 451 and The Hunger Games. There is a reason behind the similarities of these two novels, and other dystopian literature. “The merits of dystopian literature are many.” (Erlich)
In the novel Fahrenheit 451, the society the main character, Montag lives in is very oppressive. They live under the law of a government that forces them to rely on technology and be ignorant of anything except what they consider to be happiness and fun. Books are illegal and burned whenever they are found. Creativity is
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Both main characters of these novels go through a self-awareness that is helped along by the people they encounter. This gives the audience a way to relate to the characters because they too go through things in their reality that may cause them to re-evaluate the way they think and believe. Throughout her story, Katniss encounters many feelings she has never known before. She is still very young and is just coming into to her own as a woman. She also has to struggle with a leaving her family and facing the reality that she will have to kill someone who loves her to make sure of her and her families’ survival. She has to make some very difficult decisions and is forced to look deep into herself to discover some things she never knew about herself. As the story develops, so does Katniss , and the strength of her character emerges (Collins). Montag also has an epiphany. He begins to wonder and question his world and why things are the way they are. He wants to know why the books are illegal and his curiosity begins to grow ever bigger about what is inside the books. He also meets a girl, Clarisse, who helps him to realize how truly unhappy he is. She asks him “Are you happy?” (Bradbury 7) His wife also helps him to see how the government is wrong in brainwashing the society with technology, as she accidentally overdoses on sleeping pills and is completely oblivious the next day. He increasingly rebels against all he has known so far and gets himself farther and
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