Analysis of Financial Position of Smrt and Sbs Transit, Singapore

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Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary
2. About the Company 2.1 Key People 2.2 Milestones 2.3 Business Structure
3. Company Analysis of SMRT Corporation Ltd.
4. Company Financial and Data Analysis 4.1. Profitability ratio 4.1.1 Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) 4.1.2. Operating Profit Margin
4.1.3. Profit Ratio
4.1.4. Return on Equity (ROE) Ratio
4.1.5. Return on Assets (ROA) Ratio
4.2. Liquidity Ratio 4. 2. 1. Current Ratio 4.2.2. Acid-Test Ratio 4.3. Stability ratio 4.4. Efficiency Ratio 4.4.1. Sales Revenue per Employee Ratio 4.4.2. Asset Turn Over Ratio 4. 5.Investors ratios 4.5.1. Earnings per Share
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The 89.4 km MRT system, which consists of the North South and East West lines, stretches over 51 stations. System will expand to include the Circle Line (33.3 km), which will interchange with the North South Line, East West Line and North East Line.
SMRT Investment Pte Ltd Set up on 9 March 2000. Principal activities are in the marketing and leasing of media spaces as well as the marketing, leasing and management of commercial spaces within the SMRT network.
SMRT Engineering Pte Ltd Set up on August 1999. Offers one-stop consulting services from project conceptualization to operations, maintenance and related assignments.
SMRT Light Rail Pte Ltd Set up in 1997 and operates Singapore's first fully automated LRT system. Stretches over 7.8 km along 14 stations in Bukit Panjang.
SMRT Taxis Pte Ltd Manages a fleet of over 3,000 taxis, including Prestige Mercedes, London taxis and SMRT SPACE MPV taxis.
SMRT Automative Services Pte Ltd

SMRT Buses Ltd Provides maintenance and repair services.
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