Analysis of Five Guys' Burgers and Fries

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Five Guys When most people think of Five Guys' Burgers and Fries, they will often associate them with their hamburgers. However, what helped them to grow to over 644 locations is the basic strategy they utilized over the long term to attract customers. To determine what made the business a success requires focusing on their philosophy, how the original values shaped the company and the way ethical / social practices have become a part of the firm. Together, these elements will highlight the strengths of Five Guys' business model and what made them so successful. (Boone, 2010) Determine how Five Guys' philosophy sets it apart from other fast-food chains. Five Guys' Burger and Fries is concentrating on building an image with their customers. This means that all of their locations will continue to have the same look and feel. They all have red and white tile, which is the most common physical characteristic inside each location. At the same time, they concentrate on serving customers with hamburgers, French fries, sandwiches and hot dogs on their menu. This provides cliental with a standard image of the company and the various products it serves. (Boone, 2010) To keep advertising costs low, they are focusing on building their reputations through word of mouth advertising to the customers. This means that they will emphasize great service and encourage them to tell their friends about the company. Over the course of time, these tactics have helped the firm to establish a

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