Analysis of Forensic Practices in Season 1 of CSI

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In Season 1 of CSI: NY, “Three Generations is Enough” focuses on two murders that happen to be connected. The episode starts in a stock trading building where a suitcase is found unattended. The room is cleared and investigators analyze the suitcase, matching the fingerprint on the suitcase to a database. When they get to the apartment, they find it has been ransacked, presence of metal shavings, a degasser, and a computer that has a missing hard drive. Later, another detective finds a suspected suicide in front of a church. Next to the body, three cigarette buttswere found, and when they search the church, they find a candlestick, part of a tooth that came from the victim, and a letter. After questioning potential witnesses, detectives eventually find a burned car that has the body of the stockbroker inside of it. They also find a gun, the missing hard drive and a burned piece of paper. When they analyze the hard drive, they find an email from the victim from another person, Charles, about an argument right before the death took place. The piece of paper in the car indicated where the car had been prior, and they search the location, finding money and a device used to make bullets, linking the location to the metal shavings found in the apartment. Examining the women at the church, they linked a suspect by pulling DNA from the women’s mouth and brought him in for questioning, where he reacted very violently after a few minutes of questioning. Running his DNA, they find a
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