Analysis of Fortune 500 Leader, Apple Computer

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Apple's innovative approach to new product development requires intensive coordination and confidentiality on the part of suppliers, as the company will often move quickly from market test to launch in a matter of weeks. The speed and agility Apple moves with is exceptional given its size and the highly competitive nature of the industries it competes in as well (Franke, Schreier, 2010). While best known for its personal computers, MP3 players, tablet PCs and smartphones, Apple is also a leading innovator in the area of systems development and operating systems as well (Apple Investor Relations, 2012).
Apple's go-to-market strategy relies on a global multichannel management system of distributors, resellers and its network of 318 retail stores. There are over 200 of these in the U.S. alone and 86 located internationally (Apple Investor Relations, 2012). As their retailing channels have been the most effective in selling iPods, Apple reports that the iTunes platform is now indirectly driving nearly 49% of all profitability fro the latest full fiscal year (Apple Investor Relations, 2012). For their latest full fiscal year, the company generated a record $108B in revenue,…
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