Analysis of Frankenstein From Shelley's Novel to Branagh's Film

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Analysis of Frankenstein From Shelley's Novel to Branagh's Film

Branagh's adaptation of Mary Shelly's novel was fairly good with significant changes to Shelly's text; however this was done to illuminate what he considers to be the major themes of the novel, eg the dangers of the relentless pursuit of science and Victor's relationships.

Victors love interest with Elizabeth in the film is much more intense compared to what is described in the novel as communication is mostly through letters, whereas in the film Branagh has Elizabeth follow him left, right and centre, she even comes to his sick bed after the creation. This however is for the interest of the audience as many people enjoy love
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As in Shelley's novel victors reaction is "the beauty of the dream vanished and disgust filled my heart", but Branaghs film attempts to address why he abandons the monster and also how close Victor was to his family. This makes it even more triadic to bare witness to their deaths, especially when the distraught Elizabeth is seen carrying Williams's lifeless body, the thunderstorm also sets the scene and makes the audience feel hatred for the monster and despair for Victor and his family.

Branagh showed the misery of the monster, especially when it was rejected by the De Lacy family but I think Branagh was very much one sided on where our sympathies should lie and this was clearly directed towards Victor, this maybe because Branagh is the director as well as Victor. I think Branagh should have portrayed one aspect of the book in more detail and that is the eloquence of the creature. Having Clerval stay alive also seems to serve a purpose, this meant they Victors conscience was there to observe what he did to Elizabeth. Also having Justine killed in that manner made it seem more painful for Victor as he did not even have a court case as an attempt to save her innocent life. I think Helena Carter made a good Elizabeth as she portrayed the characters beauty; however she was a bit boisterous for that particular

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