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Jessica L. White February 17, 2013 Analysis of Galileo’s Letter The Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina of Tuscany was written by Galileo Galilei in 1615. Galileo was an Italian scientist that began making new discoveries in the heavens in 1609. He discovered many things that did not coincide with the teaching of the church. The Letter of the Grand Duchess Christina of Tuscany was written by Galileo in response to hearing that the Grand Duchess of Christina criticized the heliocentric theory that was created by Copernicus. This theory was created, in attempt, to bring different perspective on pre-existing theories involving the universe. Copernicus wanted people to become interested in finding truths and new discoveries…show more content…
He felt it was the Bible’s intent to separate the most intelligent people from the common people to make discoveries based on intelligent thoughts created from reading the Holy Scriptures. Galileo thought that new discoveries would then bring interpretations based on proven truths rather than interpretations based on the opinion of the interpreter. Galileo also believed that the Bible had multiple interpretations to insure everyone would understand. In the letter Galileo explained that it would not matter if something in the Bible was disproven, the primary purpose of the Bible is salvation. He also believed that God gave him and others intellect. He reasoned that if God did not want people to gain knowledge, then God would not have gave them the ability to reason or the ability to make new discoveries. Galileo also believed that if the sacred scribes wanted us to have all the answers they would have written them, and that the Holy Ghost intended to only teach us how to get to heaven, not how heaven goes. Galileo felt that the common opinions of others should not satisfy another’s curiosity and others should not be made to believe the opinions of others. The church as well as others that interpreted or preached from the Bible distorted the information and Galileo thought that those who did this should not be allowed to speak or preach about it. Galileo respected many other scientists before

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