Analysis of 'Gaspard of the Night'

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Gaspard of the Night Gaspard De La Nuit was not published until a year after Aloysius Bertrand's death making an interesting point about how he felt about his own work and its experimental nature. Gaspard De La Nuit was the first important French work to utilize prose poetry as an art form. The prose poem is inspired by medieval literature and thus uses a combination of the medieval traditions, the gothic tradition, and the romantic of the French literary movement. Gaspard comes from the Persian language which is a term meaning the man in charge of the royal treasures, thus by giving the protagonist of these prose poems this name, Aloysius Bertrand intentionally gives the reader the understanding that this is the perspective of a wealthy person, or at the least an individual with some sort of high social class "Gaspard de la Nuit" is also an old French expression which refers to the devil as he is an embodiment of darkness. The combination of the two leads to a connection in the original readership, who would have all been French people, of someone wealthy or at least connected to wealth and also someone associated with death. Gaspard De La Nuit traverses the line between reality and fantasy. The use of prose poetry is designed to highlight this straddling of lines. As a prose poem is a form of poetry that does not have to accept the stringent rules of poetic forms, so too the story of the poetry does not adhere to anything that is strictly true to life nor is it

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