Analysis of George Washington's Farewell Address Essay

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An analysis of George Washington’s Farewell Address shows that there were three points he wanted to stress. The points being his decision not to be considered for a 3rd term, his advice to the country to stand united, and his advice to the future leaders of the country concerning foreign policy.
The first point concerning his decision not to be considered for a 3rd term was something that Washington had given a lot of thought to and had even decided to do before the beginning of his 2nd term. He had even gone so far as to write a farewell address at the end of what he believe to be his first and only term as President, the reason he accepted the 2nd term was due to the uncertain stability of the young country, the uncertain status of
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That there were people both domestic and foreign that would try to divide the country so as to make them begin to doubt that the country could prosper, he urged them give it everything they could to stop those who would think to divide what had been created. He also told them that they are all Americans and should stand proud of that fact, that despite small differences they had the same beliefs, principles and goals and that they had gotten them because they had fought together for them and won. Washington then points out that no one part of the country can survive without the rest and that each region of the country needs the others; he then gives the example that the North helps the South by supplying them with machines and other materials from its manufacturing industry while the south helps the North by supplying them with crops from its agricultural industry. Likewise the East and West also share the same relationship with the added bonus of the East being able to protect the country from foreign invasion. He then went on to point out how someone might attempt to divide the country by pointing out differences between the different regions, make false claims about what certain parts of the country are after, and used the example of the West and its interests regarding the Mississippi river. Washington then assures the people that the constitution that had been written was a document that was strong and could
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