Analysis of Girls Like Us by Rachel Lloyd

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This week’s reflection is on a book titled Girls Like Us and it is authored by Rachel Lloyd. The cover also says “fighting for a world where girls not for sale”. After reading that title I had a feeling this book was going to be about girls being prostituted at a young age and after reading prologue I sadly realized I was right in my prediction. The prologue starts with the description about a girl who likes swimming, SpongeBob, Mexican food, writing poetry and getting her nails painted. To a normal person this sounds like a normal description for a little girl but normal is not the adjective to describe this girl because this little girl has been trafficked (or prostituted) by her 29 year old pimp on Craiglist to adult men. When I read…show more content…
It’s just all a sickening thought to me. There was also Tiffany in the first chapter whose pimp cut her so bad that she had to have her hair shaved off in order to get some consistency in it. Tiffany did not have a drug problem but the author talked about how it was hard to find her placement because she wasn’t on drugs so Tiffany turned to drugs so she could receive help. The thought of someone having to turn to drug just to they could receive help is sad because it’s like what would happen if they were living a normal life that did not involve drugs, pimps, and johns. There is another quote that in interesting to me in this book and it is from Jon Stewart who is an Academy Award Winner and he states “You know what I think it just got a little easier out here for a pimp” and that quote says a lot as well because there aren’t very many pimps that do get in trouble for their crimes in my opinion. I read more about prostitutes and the men trying to pick them up getting arrested than I do pimps. There was one girl the book who talked about how she got in trouble for killing her abusive boyfriend yet nothing happened to him. It’s an angry thought at how men who are so evil can get away with it but their victims get in legal trouble. I am not going to describe every chapter and quote in the book but I will say there is a lot of information to be learned from this book. I did not know much about child trafficking prior to sitting down to read this book.
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