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Goodwill International is a not-for-profit organization whose main objective is to offer job trainings, employment placements, and other community-based projects to individuals with disabilities. The organization also extends its services to veterans who include people who lack the necessary job experience, education, or face challenges in securing employment. The non-profit organization is financed by a chain of retail thrift stores, which also operate as not-for-profit entities in places where they are situated. Goodwill is constituted by a system of 165 community based independent organizations operating in 15 countries, including the United States, Brazil, Venezuela, Uruguay, Panama, and Canada among others. The organization…show more content…
The congregation, under the leadership of Helms, recruited and trained berets and unemployed individuals to repair the household items they collected. The products were then given to the people who repaired them and also those in need. The organization expanded and adopted efficient ways of operation after Helms attended two separate workshops organized in Brooklyn, New York, where he learned innovative ways of running a company. The organization was first given the name Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries, before it was later changed to Goodwill International to accommodate numerous nations (Funding Universe, n.d.).

Currently, Goodwill is operating as a nonprofit international organization in about 15 countries. The organization has more than $4.8 billion in assets, an amount huge enough to enable it to attain its objectives and goals. In addition, the organization caters for more than 6 million individuals in terms of job training, employment placements, and other community services. The organization is best described as a social enterprise as well as an industrial project since it improves the lives of the needy by helping them meet their daily social and economic expectations (Funding Universe, n.d.).

Goodwill has an effective vision, mission, and purpose, which direct how its operations are carried out and how its objectives and
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