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“Analysis of Gotta Love Those Bread & Butter Unions” Originally Written by P. Nelson The ethics triangle is a model to follow to help militate against unethical decision-making. If Mayor Burns used this model it might have helped him make better decisions. When there is no moral discernment of what is right or wrong, a public official or administrator needs to analyze the situation carefully. However, in the following case study this does not appear to be something Mayor Burns practiced. For the purposes of this paper the case study “Gotta Love Those Bread & Butter Unions” will be analyzed. The source for all subsequent quotes is from this case study. The first unethical issue is that the newly elected Mayor Burns…show more content…
This covers consequence, duty, principle and virtue concepts of the ethics triangle. In spite of Burns belief, it was not only his two police friends and the Association that were responsible for his election. It took votes from “ALL” of the citizens. Unfortunately, many of his decisions and actions were consistently based on this unspoken loyalty he felt towards his two friends and the Association. Instead of Mayor Burns being concerned with his overall duty, role and responsibility as mayor to all Sealy citizens, who were responsible for his election, his loyalty was misdirected. This obligation could be viewed as a conflict of interest, because his commitment to the officers overshadowed his commitment to the public. It also affected his decisions and how he carried out some of his duties in his official capacity as mayor. It appears he made some of these choices in order to encourage his friends and Association members to support him in attempts to secure his re-election. In an effort, to bring all these issues in view, each area of concern will be further elaborated in this analysis. As mayor, Burns favors resolving issues that involve the police. The public interest for the greater good and the “greatest” number was not initially a priority. However, it appears before Professor Burns was elected he was aware of the agenda

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