Analysis of Graphic Design

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GRAPHIC DESIGN ISP INTRODUCTION Art is a form of expression that dates back to the beginning of time. Since then it has evolved and changed to adapt to modern times. Whether that be through a shift in style, in medium, or technology. Graphic design, contrary to popular belief, actually began in 1922, to define graphic art across time. Since the introduction of the modern computer and graphic design software, it has evolved into an n art style that is present everywhere in the modern world. Graphic design has many different styles just as normal art does, ranging from the minimalism of Apple, to the typographic nature of many modern advertisements. Graphic design isn’t just a form of art anymore, but it rather is a medium through which…show more content…
Lasko fans, and LA Lakers both have the same potential for superior logo quality, but because of color selection, the LA Lakers hold more graphic quality in regards to their respective logos than does Lasko fans... (Cohen “Evolution of NBA Team Logos”,). Gradients, contrast and color are the three most basic techniques used in graphic art, and can define a work as either superior, or amateur. All three of these concepts work together to create the concept of “visual identity”. Visual identity is a term coined by Abduzeedo (world renown Brazilian graphic designer), meaning simply the “definitive element within the design process used across all applications and branding materials”. As discussed above this could be as simple as the apple logo, or even as complex as a stamp. Most large organizations have a visual identity, even the US Government does. The visual identity of the US Government for example could be the American flag, or the bald eagle, as this is present throughout their entire brand line. During 2008, President Obama used the concept of the visual identity, but took it one step further and used the “verbal identity”. He associated the word “change” with his campaign so that this would become an integral part of it. By utilizing the word change he essentially created a memorable center point for his campaign messages by which people could remember and associate with him. (Abduzeedo “The Makery - Visual Identity”) A problem that many graphic artists
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