Analysis of Guangzhou Container Terminal Capacity

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Term Project Throughput Capacity Report of Indented Berth Design at Guangzhou Container Terminal No.1 Objective: In this term project, a seaport terminal is selected to calculate the current throughput capacity based on the data measured in google earth and found on the official website. Then we should propose a modified berth layout by changing the existing berth to include an indented berth, and estimate the increasing rate of the annual throughput capacity. I selected Guangzhou Terminal No.1 (Nansha Port Area PhaseⅡ) as my study port. Content: Current Guangzhou Container Terminal No.1 1 1. Introduction 1 1.1 Description 1 1.2 Port infrastructure 1 1.3 Port facilities 2 1.4 Container yard storage layout plan 2…show more content…
The first and last trolley travel routes are showed as below: ① ⑤ 3. Port throughput capacity evaluation 3.1 Facilities data Terminal& Yard Data * Terminal throughput=4,200,000 container moves/yr * Yard area=1,500,000 square meter * Container berths=6 * Total berth length=2,100 m * Water depth alongside=15.5 m * Quay length=220 m * Apron depth=60 m * Distance between two stacks every block=6 m * Yard capacity=16*12*5*8*3=2,3040 number 40’-containers * Container dimensions (L*W*H) =12.2m*2.44m*2.9m * Container stacking height=3 high Quay Crane Data * Max. Quay crane capacity~60 container moves/hr. Adopt 50 box moves/hr for facility requirements analysis. * Actual productivity (or gross crane rate) is about 20~30 box moves per vessel hour, or up to~500containers per day. * No. of quay cranes needed=3 each berth. Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) Data * Average travel speed=4.5 m/s * Loading weight=40t (40’-container); 60t (2×20’-containers) * Mean time between failures (MTBF) =1480 container moves * Mean time to repair (MTTR) =12 minutes * No. of AGV=90, each berth has 15 Automatic Stacking Crane (ASC) Data * Hoisting speed=25m/min (loaded), 50m/min (empty) * Trolley speed= 70m/min * Gantry speed= 130 m/min * Time needed to line up and hook up container= 15s per box * Mean time between failures (MTBF) =1122

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