Analysis of HBS case on Charlotte Beers at Ogilvy & Mathers (Organisational behaviour).

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1. Unfreezing a fragmented Ogilvy & Mather out of the Ice Age.

Charlotte Beers tries to turn around Ogilvy by implementing a strategy based on differentiation. However, Ogilvy's organisation and culture are obstacles to this process. She has therefore to unfreeze the situation first to allow change to be implemented through a communal culture and a collaborative organisation.

Evidence of a crisis are numerous:

Major accounts have been lost (Amex);

Revenues and earnings are in decline;

Agencies services are increasingly commodities;

Staff morale is low;

O&M culture is fragmented. It is low on both sociability and solidarity as defined by Goffee and Jones. Individual offices are run independently (low solidarity) and the historical
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The "Chewton Glen Declaration" is also compromise prowess to nurture Beer's network. Apparently adressing O'Dea, Wright, Harry and Reid's request for a strategy, it is actually Beers' vehicle to connect personally with them. Thus, point 1 addresses O'Dea frustrations, point 2 favours Wright's integrated approach and point 3 is along Reid and Thedens financial discipline priority.

The only reported structural outcome, the WCS division, is also telling. WCS supervisors are instantly an influential network for Beers ideas:

üTheir past status was unsatisfactory (=> low resistance to change);

üTheir exposure to global accounts goes Beer's way;

üThey have extra credibility as insiders.

As a result, Ogilvy's vision is a masterpiece that:

üAligns the core disciplines around a shared concept ("brands");

üAppeals to its internal audience (O&M staff value their O&M brand);

üIncreases solidarity through its shared goals;

üAppeals to customers too.

3. Keep "moving" people, start moving boxes and bucks too.

Charlotte Beers immediate challenge is to refine her vision into a strategy. To establish goals and allocate resources in a comprehensive manner will require a more structured communication, the
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