Analysis of HP's Annual Report

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Introduction The company I choose to concern myself with in this text is Hewlett Packard - HP. Operating in the Diversified Computer Systems industry, the company concerns itself with the sale of computers, software, and other technologies to customers from all over the world. Some of the company's main competitors in the industry include but they are not limited to Dell and IBM. Hewlett Packard HP The Main Sections of HP's Annual Report HP's annual report has four key parts, i.e. part I, II, and III. Part I largely concerns itself with the basic aspects of the business. In so doing, it first introduces the business to the reader and then proceeds to identify some of the risk factors that affect its operations. It is also in Part I where the company identifies some of the properties it owns and ongoing legal proceedings. Information provided in Part II on the other hand includes the company's securities and stock performance, selected financial data, managerial analysis of the results, market risk disclosures, and an evaluation of procedures and controls. It is also in this section that we have the company's consolidated financial statements. Part III has got to do with issues regarding to corporate governance. The last part, Part IV, contains exhibits and schedules of financial statements. The Key Factors that Influenced HP's Financial Performance During the Year The net revenue of the company fell from $127, 245 million in 2011 to $120,357 million in 2012. This

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